The nice thing is you get to deal directly with the artists rather than the middlemen

-Evening Standard

Your chance to pick up the work of a future of a Young British Artist

-Stylist Magazine

Cut out the middle man and bag yourself a bargain


If you could see art while necking Sipsmith Sloe Gin cocktails and munching snacks by The Breakfast Club, it would probably be your number one hobby, wouldn’t it? And that’s why the launch party of The Other Art Fair was so completely packed


A melting pot of emerging talent

-Where London

Illuminating and intimate

-TNT Magazine

There are plenty of ways to get involved even if you don’t make a purchase

-The London Evening Standard

The Other Art Fair relishes in offering an artistic experience beyond sales


An unparalleled event to complement the busiest week in the London Arts calendar

-The Huffington Post

Overflowing with creative talent

-Time Out

Unique in its ability to unite over 100 emerging artists directly with the public, The Other Art Fair has already gained a reputation of one of the best venues for collectors to uncover new talent


The showcase for this remarkable pool of talent is more than worth making the journey for.


The laid-back attitude and friendly, accessible atmosphere make for a refreshing change.

-One Stop Arts

All in all, it was a fantastic show that, I’m sure, will become infamous for sparking the careers of the next big names

-Artwork Wednesdays

In the shadow of Frieze week, the hundred-odd unrepresented artists showed the London art scene how it is done

-Arts London News

The Other Art Fair gives a fresh alternative to Frieze


The Other Art Fair offered a truly astonishing selection of great emerging creative talent in a flawlessly relaxed and chilled-out atmosphere

-Crumbs for Men

A brilliant platform for independent artists

-United Creativity